Very rare medieval coins have been found in Great Britain

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(ORDO NEWS) — Treasure hunters near the town of Humbleden in Buckinghamshire have found an ancient treasure. The find turned out to be incredibly rare and valuable.

But since Britain has a law that all treasures belong to the royal family, the lucky ones did not become a pound richer, but can be rewarded for their work.

At first, the treasure hunters found a dozen pieces of silver. The team decided not to stop the excavation. Such persistence was rewarded.

As a result, they discovered more than 500 gold and silver coins. Experts from the museum have already studied them and say that they belong to the 15th century.

It was then that the bubonic plague was raging in Europe. “Black death” – that’s what the Europeans called the disease in those days.

The plague took the lives of a huge number of people. According to various expert estimates, from 1/3 to 1/2 of the population of medieval England died from it.

The coins found were in circulation during the reign of King Edward III (14th century). Experts say most of the coins are worth between 25 and 60 bucks apiece.

The rarest ones can cost up to $650. But this is if you calculate their value by the value of precious metals per 1 gram.

Taking into account the fact that rare coins that are 600 years old have been found, the price of one of these can easily reach 13 thousand dollars.

Now the treasure is kept in a local museum. Expert appraisers are waiting there to determine the exact value of the find.

Museum officials say the coins could be worth a total of 150,000 pounds. After evaluation, they will be put up for auction. The owner of the land and the treasure hunters will receive some percentage of the cost.

All taxes, as well as the work of appraisers and auctioneers, will be deducted from the invaded money. And what remains will be divided between the one who found the treasure.


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