Very rare and mysterious Mayan stele found in Mexico

(ORDO NEWS) — In Mexico, archaeologists discovered a Mayan stele that turned out to be double. The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) noted that such relief images on both sides of the stele are rare.

The find was made in the archaeological zone of Uxmal, located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Diego Prieto, General Director of INAH, noted that the stela with a bas-relief was found in the place where it was originally installed, that is, in the pre-Hispanic period.

Very rare and mysterious Mayan stele found in Mexico 2

One side of the stele faces north, the other faces south. On the north side is a goddess with large eyes and a breastplate with three rows of pearls.

She wears a toe-length mesh skirt, and in her hands she holds a symbol of power – a quetzal. Archaeologists believe that this goddess may speak of death, as the neighboring city of Puuk had similar beliefs.

On the south side of the stele, a male deity is depicted in a headdress with feathers and an owl’s head.

The deity also has bracelets and bandages on his legs, and a mesh cloak on his shoulders. Archaeologists do not know what kind of creature this is, and what it can talk about.


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