Very first written mention of Jesus Christ

(ORDO NEWS) — The study of the oldest church in the city of Megiddo, of which only ruins remained near Israel, made it possible to discover an amazing artifact – the most ancient document that has information about Jesus Christ. Thanks to the excavation, scientists managed to find out some historical facts.

The city of Megiddo called Tel Megiddo and Tel al-Mutesellim was located 90 kilometers from Jerusalem. Today some ruins remain from it. Archaeological work is constantly being carried out on the territory. For example, in 2005 it was possible to find the most ancient church in the Holy Land, erected in the 3rd century BC. e. It was in this structure that an amazing find was ultimately made.

Information about Christ is found in mosaics, which are geometric patterns and early Christian symbols. The fish stands out among the symbols. It means a Christian named Akeptus who was able to donate a certain amount to a religious table in honor of Jesus Christ. Apart from the manuscripts, this is the very first mention of God.

The discovery has already made a lot of noise in archaeological circles. Scientists were especially attracted by the church, recognized as the oldest archaeological remains in Israel. There is little to say about the whole world, said Yotam Tepper of Tel Aviv University.

The discovery also attracted the attention of envoys of the Vatican, in particular Archbishop Pietro Sambi. He called the church an interesting structure for all Christians. It is interesting that the church was erected two centuries after the resurrection of Christ and a century after the adoption of Christianity by the Byzantine Empire.


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