Very cold clouds discovered: Edgar Cayce’s prophecy came true

(ORDO NEWS) — Everyone has seen thunderclouds that appear on a hot summer day. I wonder what the temperature is at the top of the cloud? Indeed, it is really cold there. If we talk about altitude, then the air temperature has gone beyond the 0 mark. Now we will surprise you: the boundary temperature level was recorded at a level below – 100 degrees Celsius. For the first time, the prophecy regarding thunderclouds was voiced by Edgar Cayce.

Recently, studies were published in which it was recorded that the temperature on the surface of a thundercloud passed the mark – 111 degrees Celsius. This is a very low temperature indeed. This cloud was also seen at the end of December last year, moving south of the equator in the western Pacific Ocean. Regarding the research, the American satellite of the Noaa-20 company was involved in the experiment.

An employee of the Nerc company spoke about this, who said that the temperature changes were several times higher than the norm. In connection with such events, the number of cold thunderstorms will increase several times. If there are cold thunderstorms, then there may be a risk of certain weather events.

Scientific articles indicate that the world in general is changing and the climatic situation is changing too. Soon, we will be able to see such a phenomenon as warm clouds. But their appearance will entail new problems.


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