Venus – the world of acid in the orbit of the Sun

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers of the past considered Venus to be the twin of the Earth. The planets are indeed similar in size, and are located nearby. There is, however, one significant difference: the temperature of Venus is such that it can quite be called the devil’s planet.

Venus can be seen with the naked eye – it is almost the brightest object in the night sky, except for the moon.

Although Mercury is closer to the Sun, its surface temperature is “only” 426 degrees Celsius. But on Venus the thermometer will already show 475 degrees, moreover, this temperature is constant. It’s all because of the carbon dioxide that covers the entire planet.

Venus was not always so hot. Billions of years ago, when the Sun was not yet so bright, there were even oceans of liquid water.

Over time, the water evaporated, maintaining the greenhouse effect. When all the water went into outer space, a dense cloud of carbon dioxide enveloped the planet.

Yes, this is the greenhouse effect that scientists are trying to warn humanity about. There is a good chance that in a couple of million years global warming will lead to similar results on Earth. Then the two planets will certainly become twins, but we will not see this anymore.


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