Venus – Heaven or prison of aliens?

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers and ufologists believe that the planet Venus may be inhabited by intelligent extraterrestrial beings or aliens in simple terms. More recently, scientists who study extraterrestrial civilizations have stated that the object has become home to a huge number of aliens.

It was here that they built their structures and cities. On such a statement, the researchers were prompted by photographs of the surface of the planet taken by the spacecraft.

Detecting cities in planetary images

Ufologists studied images of the planet Venus, which were obtained using the Magellan probe. This device in 1989 was sent by the American organization NASA into outer space. The purpose of the device is to collect and systematize information about Venus. In 1990, the probe went into orbit around the planet, and after four years left it.

Astronomers have been studying photographs for a long time, and have discovered large-scale structures and cities that were not built naturally. Ufologists say that this once again confirms the information about the possibility of the existence of alien life in critical conditions for humans.

UFO researchers believe that during the existence of the mission, the Magellan probe managed to collect a sufficient amount of information, which was subsequently published by the NASA Space Center of America in the public domain.

This provided an opportunity for ufologists to find confirmation of their theories that Venus is inhabited by aliens. On the footage, UFO hunters were able to see structures and artificial elements confirming the presence of an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization on Venus. This can be a real confirmation that the second planet of the solar system was colonized by intelligent beings.

If astronomers and NASA scientists confirm such hypotheses, for humanity it means that aliens can exist on objects where there is no water, and the temperature exceeds 500 degrees Celsius. This is a step forward, because now researchers can expand the search area for extraterrestrial civilizations in outer space.

Perhaps this is a prison for UFOs?

Some ufologists suggest that such critical conditions of the planet may contribute to the creation of a prison on it. A long time ago, scientists determined that the origin and development of life is possible only on those space objects in which the situation is similar to terrestrial conditions. Unfortunately, the circumstances on Venus and Earth are strikingly different from each other.

Even if we imagine that an extraterrestrial civilization can exist under more difficult conditions, temperatures of 500 degrees cast doubt on the assumption that aliens are present on this planet. The presence of artificial structures and cities with such a difficult climatic situation can serve as correctional institutions. Of course, this is just an assumption of UFO hunters, but the presence of erected structures gives rise to further more detailed research of Venus.


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