Vaping quitters will end up using both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes

(ORDO NEWS) — People who want to quit smoking often switch to vaping. Scientists from the USA came to the conclusion that this is ineffective and often leads to a “double” addiction.

On an average year, about 70 percent of smokers make an attempt to quit smoking. And only five percent of them, without receiving any nicotine replacement therapy, successfully do so. Most are not able to quit smoking even with treatment and “helpful practices”.

Scientists from the Washington University School of Medicine (USA) conducted a study involving 111,823 people with smoking problems who were observed in the outpatient clinics of Barnes European Hospital from 2018 to 2020. The doctors presented their findings in the journal Thorax.

In the first year of the study, about 0.8 percent of patients reported smoking both e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes to kick the habit. But by the third year, by the end of data collection, their number had risen to 2.3 percent.

At the same time, scientists found that about one in five (20.8 percent) of those who smoke both cigarettes quit smoking within a year (against 16.8 percent of those who abuse conventional tobacco).

Of the “double” smokers, only 17 percent were able to end the habit on their own, 29 percent became non-smokers thanks to specialized therapy (rather than vaping). On the other hand, smoking cessation rates were higher among patients who smoked both types of cigarettes.

This, by the way, was confirmed by earlier studies by another group of American scientists, which showed that people who do not plan to give up tobacco are more likely to do so if they switch to electronic cigarettes.

But there is one problem that the scientists of the new study have identified. About two-thirds of those who vape were still smokers a year later, even after treatment. Therefore, the researchers concluded that only traditional smoking cessation therapy, and not vaping, brings real benefits.


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