Vanga’s strange prediction about coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Her godfather Sergei Kostornaya told about the predictions of Vanga on the air of the program “Let them talk.”

Vangelia Gushterova from Bulgaria, who is known all over the world under the name Vanga, had many mystical abilities. She got rid of ailments and gave life advice, but the most important skill that glorified her is divination. During her life, Wanga made many prophecies, among which the Chernobyl accident, the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States, the political crisis in Ukraine, and even the current coronavirus pandemic were described in her predictions.

Disease from yellow

For the first time, her translator Stoyan Petrov recalled Vanga’s predictions regarding the “new plague”. In 2019, he on the air of the program “Actually” spoke about the “fatal illness” at the beginning of 2020, which Wanga spoke about in 1995. According to her, the origins of this misfortune have been known for a long time. Indeed, humanity has long been dealing with coronaviruses, but it is COVID-19 that has become the most dangerous.

Later, in the show “Let them talk” Sergei Kostornaya confirmed Vanga’s 1995 prophecy. In them, she said that “the crown will hang over humanity”, and everything will begin with the “mirror year 2020”.

Another interpreter of the seer, Todor Todorov, recalled a prediction in which Wanga mentioned “a disease from yellow people”, due to which millions of people would die. Indeed, this phrase coincides with the fact that the coronavirus began to spread from China.

When is the end?

According to Vangelia, it will take at least 2 years to develop a truly effective drug. And the end of the pandemic will come with the crowing of a rooster. And it is this phrase that causes controversy among the interpreters of Vanga.

Some say with hope that the year of the “Crowing Rooster”, according to the Old Slavic horoscope, should come on March 21, 2022 – on the day of the vernal equinox. Others are not as optimistic about the end of the pandemic. Referring to the eastern horoscope, interpreters note that the next year under the auspices of the Rooster is 2029.

It is possible that the crowing of a rooster in Vanga’s predictions has a more metaphorical meaning. Usually, this is the description of the onset of dawn, after a dark night. Perhaps the seer spoke about the “dark souls” of people who forgot about each other in the pursuit of material happiness, and when humanity returns to fraternal relations, then the pandemic will end.


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