Vanga’s prophecy on December 22 coincides with the most powerful solar flare

(ORDO NEWS) — The media continue to discuss the date 12/22/2020, which scares five deuces. Many clairvoyants have expressed that this day will be restless. According to Sergei Kostorny, Vanga’s godfather, the clairvoyant warned of a number of problems.

There are predictions that a relative of Vanga could not tell, since he received a ban on this from the Bulgarian seer herself. She wanted to know about the impending disease (coronavirus) a week before the first official case. According to Kostorny, he knows the prophecies for 2021, but he cannot tell them yet.

December 22 should be awaited. Vanga said: “We will bask in the sun, and the sun will fall as a black shadow.” On this day, the most powerful solar flare in 300 years is expected, which can affect people in different ways. Some will experience a depressive state, while others – relapses of chronic diseases.

A relative of Vanga also named the date when the coronavirus epidemic will not be so urgent. This is expected on March 20, when the planet enters the fifth dimension.


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