Vanga’s predictions for 2022 are not particularly encouraging

(ORDO NEWS) — Vanga predicted a lot of things that actually came true. She has the status of a real and truthful seer who could really look into the future. The popular fortune teller also told what awaits people in 2022.

According to the fortuneteller, Russia and the United States in 2022 can finally break off any relations between countries due to a certain conflict. Nevertheless, Vanga said that such an outcome will not last forever, and the relationship will improve again.

There are also positive aspects – Russia and China will strengthen their business relations, increasing the rate of imports and exports, as well as modernizing the technological capacities of both countries.

The crisis, according to Vanga, will worsen and lead to widespread poverty of ordinary citizens. It is expected that it will last a long time, so it is worth being patient, the seer believes.

Wang also mentioned the coronavirus, saying that people will eventually get used to the disease, starting to fight it like a common cold. They could not name the end date of the pandemic. It is obvious that it will definitely not stop next year. Vanga advises to get used to the new reality, as the situation will only get worse.


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