Vanga vs. Nostradamus, or What the famous prophets predicted for 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — We found out which predictions came true and what to expect in the near future.

After it turned out last year that Vanga predicted the coronavirus, we wondered: what to expect from 2021? But we decided not to limit ourselves to one Bulgarian clairvoyant and took her as a partner the French alchemist, famous for his prophecies, Michel Nostradamus. See what of their predictions came true and what they predicted for us in 2021.

Wanga predicted coronavirus and great unification

Vanga is credited with so many predictions (often contradicting each other) that a sane person will surely have doubts. One half of the skeptics believe that the name of the soothsayer is tied to any more or less significant event retroactively, the other is inclined to believe that Vanga is a well-promoted state business.

What came true

In July 1969, Vanga exclaimed: “The dress will ruin her! I see an orange-yellow dress in the smoke and fire! ” It is not entirely clear to whom and under what conditions she shouted this, but the burning dress is usually associated with the death of Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India. In October 1984, when going to an interview with playwright Peter Ustinov, she wore a saffron dress. The bulletproof vest, which filled her in such an outfit, the Prime Minister took off as a real woman. On the way to the reception room where the film crew was waiting for Gandhi, she met her killers. One fired three bullets at the premiere, and his partner fired a whole machine gun fire.

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In 1979, according to various sources, Wanga prophesied the future of Russia. She said, “I see a garden. This is Russia. Snow is everywhere. A lot of snow. I hear voices: male and female. No, these are not voices – from the depths of the earth the sap feeds the trees. An unusual spring is coming to Russia ”. This revelation of her is, of course, associated with perestroika, and the memoirs of Raisa Gorbachev are also cited as evidence. In the book “I hope …” her memoirs of March 10, 1985 are published: “We went out into the garden. Mikhail Sergeevich was very tired. At first he was silent. Then he says: “Tomorrow is a plenum. There may be a question about me leading the party.”

In 1989, the soothsayer seems to have seen the events of 2001: “Fear, fear! The American brothers will fall, pecked by iron birds. Wolves will howl from the bush, and innocent blood will flow like a river. ” Well, what other “American brothers” can be associated with the “iron birds” if not the twin towers?

In early 2020, information appeared that Wang and the coronavirus had predicted. She allegedly said that in 2020 “there will be some kind of disease that could cause an epidemic around the world.” However, this virus was supposed to appear in Africa. But in Africa, the first cases of infection with the Chinese coronavirus were suspected only on January 29, a month after it was discovered in Wuhan. But what is interesting, according to conspiracy theorists, the Bulgarian clairvoyant stated that the cure would be found in the same year. And at the end of 2020, vaccination in some countries really began.

What she predicted for 2021

The coronavirus cure isn’t the only one predicted by Wanga. The British tabloid Mirror released the predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant for 2021, which mention that this year scientists will find a cure for cancer. But if only this was the case.

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Donald Trump should be afraid of 2021. It turned out that at one time Wanga declared that “the 45th President of the United States will get sick with a mysterious disease that will leave him deaf and cause brain injury.” There are prophecies for Russia as well. For example, about the attempt on the life of the Russian president by “someone in his own country” and about the fact that “three giants will unite.”

“Some people will have red money. I see numbers 100, 5 and many zeros “- Vanga, Bulgarian clairvoyant
The translators suggest that the three giants may be Russia, China and India, and the “red money” – banknotes of 100 yuan and 5000 rubles.

According to predictions, the European economy will collapse, Islamist terrorists will carry out attacks in the EU countries. The world will suffer from many cataclysms and great calamities. In addition, in 2021, humanity will be captured by a “strong dragon”. Some admit that China is so veiled that it has succeeded in rapid economic development and military build-up.

Nostradamus predicted an atomic bomb and an asteroid collision

Michel Nostradamus has repeatedly warned that his predictions “because of the possibility of harm to the present and especially to the future” he deliberately expounds in vague and mysterious expressions. In his book “Prophecies” there are very few specific dates and names, there is practically no chronological order in the presentation of the material. Probably, this is what makes it possible for numerous admirers of Nostradamus to interpret his prophecies, adapting them to their time, reorienting them according to their personal sympathies or antipathies. However, it was noticed long ago that there are quite a few interesting and accurate historical coincidences in his predictions.

What came true

One of the prophecies of Nostradamus says: “Somewhere in Western Europe, a child will be born into a family of poor people. He will captivate many with his speeches, and his fame will reach the eastern lands. Fierce hungry beasts will cross rivers, and most of the world will fight against Hister. ” In 1889, the future dictator Adolf Hitler was born into a family of poor parents in Western Europe. The fame of him really spread not only to the “eastern lands”, but in general all over the world. As for “Hister”, here the opinions of historians are divided: some consider it a slip of the tongue, others are sure that this is the Latin name of the Danube.

On September 2, 1666, a fire in a small bakery in London turned into a huge fire that burned for three days and destroyed the city. This event is known as the Great Fire of London. Historians believe that this very event was predicted by Nostradamus when he wrote: “The blood of the innocent will be demanded by London, burning with fire three times twenty plus six. The old lady will fall from the heights of her throne, and many palaces will be destroyed.”

Here is another prophecy of Nostradamus: “Po, Nai, [O] loron – there will be more fire than blood. To bathe in praise, the great will run to the tributary. Will not allow Pius to come. Will keep them in captivity. ” Po, Nye and Oloron are three French cities. “More fire than blood,” according to historians and researchers, should highlight Napoleon’s origins from a humble family. Pius is a reference to Pius VI and Pius VII, Napoleon’s enemies.

Nostradamus predicted the appearance of the atomic bomb. He wrote: “The heavenly arrow will extend the wing of death: a great conquest. A proud people will be smitten with a stone thrown from a tree. Rumors of something monstrous, man-made, will lead to extermination. ” In August 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nostradamus is also credited with the prophecy of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. “Misfortune will fall on the great from the roof. The innocent will be accused of this and they will kill him ”- wrote Nostradamus in his book. John F. Kennedy was indeed killed “from a great height” – a bullet that pierced the president’s head was fired from the sixth floor of a book warehouse in Dallas. Charged with the murder of Lee Harvey, Oswald pleaded not guilty to the last. However, he did not live to see the trial – he was shot during his transfer to the Dallas County Jail. He died in the same hospital where Kennedy had died two days earlier.

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What he predicted for 2021

Although Nostradamus did not name specific dates, researchers are inclined to be specific and some events are boldly sent to 2021. Some of them are published by the British Mirror. The alchemist is even credited with a zombie apocalypse. He allegedly said that a certain scientist would create a biological weapon-virus that would turn people into zombies.

There is also world hunger in the prophecies of the alchemist, which will become one of the first signs of the end of the world in 2021: “The world tragedy will return people to the past, and most of the population will suffer from the curse.” And, as if Holodomor alone is not enough, Nostradamus predicts solar storms that will cause enormous damage to all life on the planet. The harmful effects of climate change will lead to wars and conflicts, as the world begins to struggle for resources to survive. The Yearly Horoscope states that he said, “We will see the water rise and the earth sink under it.”

For completeness of the apocalypse, historians and researchers argue that in the “Prophecies” of Nostradamus there is a collision with an asteroid. This is one of the interpretations of the quatrain “Fire and a long trail of sparks are visible in the sky.” NASA, by the way, has a potential contender for the title of “big fire”. This is the asteroid 2009 KF1. American space researchers, after analyzing its trajectory, say that 2009 KF1 has every chance of colliding with Earth on May 6, 2021. NASA claims that this asteroid is capable of hitting the Earth with an explosive force equivalent to 230 kilotons of TNT, 15 times more than the nuclear bomb detonated by the Americans over Hiroshima in 1945.

The new year has just begun, so we have every chance to see which predictions can come true and which will remain guesses. How do you see 2021? Write in the comments, maybe you also have the gift of clairvoyance?


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