Value of insulin in the body and the importance of timely testing

(ORDO NEWS) — The pancreas regularly produces the hormone insulin. It is vital for the body. Food is decomposed into complex carbohydrates and glucose, it is the latter that helps to absorb insulin for energy.

The hormone circulates in the bloodstream, and glucose supplies energy to the entire body. It is critical to keep insulin levels within a safe range. Exceeding or lowering leads to systemic metabolic disorders and even diabetic coma.

Normal levels of insulin in the blood

Regular insulin testing is recommended . For children, the safe corridor is 3-20 mcU / ml, and in adults up to 25. During pregnancy, even 36 mcU / ml is considered normal.

Together with the level of the hormone, the glucose indicator is also calculated. The analysis allows you to identify a predisposition to diabetes, determine the likely type and adjust your lifestyle, avoiding or significantly delaying the onset of the disease.

Also, the level of insulin in the blood must be established in case of suspicion of Itsenko-Cushing syndrome, liver and pancreas diseases, a specific increase in the hormone may indicate an early stage of adenocarcinoma.

An insulin test is performed under certain conditions:

• In the morning. This is due to hormone production cycles.
• On an empty stomach. The last meal is allowed 8 hours before the test.
• Mandatory 32 hour diet. It is necessary to exclude fatty, alcohol. Medications that cannot be canceled should be included in the protocol for sending blood for analysis.
• For a day it is necessary to refrain from significant physical activity , especially endurance exercises.

Benefits of timely insulin testing

The hormone is critical to human life. It binds not only to glucose, but also to amino acids, increasing muscle performance, is involved in the production of glycogen and tissue regeneration.

Insulin is an important marker in the diagnosis of a number of diseases and syndromes. The doctor looks at the combination of indicators of several hormones in the blood and, on the basis of this, the diagnosis is specified, a treatment map is formed. Alarm bells should not be ignored.

Earlier deviation from the norm can be corrected with a simple lifestyle change, as well as with the help of a diet. However, if the situation is running, then it will no longer be possible to do without lifelong drug treatment.

The prognosis for the quality and duration of life is also significantly reduced. Therefore, it is extremely important to control the level of insulin, in a timely manner to do an analysis for this hormone. The cost of such a service today is more than affordable for various categories of customers.


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