Users found UFO on Google Earth images

(ORDO NEWS) — The round shape on the sea floor, clearly visible on Google Earth, has led some users to comment that it is an ancient unidentified flying object.

An active wave of popularization of the picture was raised by Scott Waring, the owner of the portal and the discoverer of objects, which he calls “100% proof” of the existence of ancient aliens.

He is also an avid NASA rover photographer and has claimed to have found objects ranging from a monkey on Mars to the body of a 7.3-meter-tall Martian monarch who died in combat 1 million years ago. In general, an enthusiastic person.

So what did Waring discover? A circle with a diameter of about 6.8 kilometers, located about 566 kilometers from the coast of Lima, stands out well against the seabed and looks like a hill or mountain.

However, most likely, this “mountain” at the bottom of the ocean is a data error. The company uses information from several sources to create seabed maps. The sources have different resolutions and levels of detail, and when stitched together strange shapes sometimes appear.

In a 2016 blog post, Google developers pointed out one feature of the data that can lead to strange artifacts in the form of mountains, hills, or depressions: the background map of the ocean floor is based on a map compiled by the Scripps Oceanographic Institution, which uses gravity measurements from satellites to approximate seafloor lines (also known as ocean bathymetry).

For more detailed mapping, the company receives data from sonar surveys from ships. Sonar sends pulses of sound to the ocean floor and then records the reflected echoes to produce high-resolution images.

At times, rough satellite and ship measurements do not match, and one data point from one ship or the other can cause the data to end up looking like a steep mountain or sinkhole.

Notably, the “UFO” seen by Waring is right in the middle of the transect line, where the ship’s sonar survey clearly took place, suggesting this shape is most likely a side effect of cross-linking multiple data sources.


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