Use of e-cigarettes is just as dangerous for the cardiovascular system as smoking regular ones

(ORDO NEWS) — After assessing the long-term and short-term effects of smoking reusable electronic cigarettes on the cardiovascular system, scientists concluded that they are just as dangerous to health as regular cigarettes.

Smokers of electronic cigarettes have seen changes in vascular tone, pulse and pressure parameters – even in cases where they have never tried traditional cigarettes.

Scientists from the Center for Tobacco Research of the American Heart Association (USA) have shown that smoking the now popular refillable electronic cigarettes, or POD systems, leads to dangerous effects of volatile organic compounds on the cardiovascular system, comparable to smoking regular cigarettes.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a broad group of substances found in many detergents, paints, cigarettes, car exhaust, pesticides, and so on.

Their health impacts range from extremely dangerous to of little consequence. Including VOCs are present in reusable electronic cigarettes based on POD systems. These devices are gaining popularity, but the long-term effects of their use are not yet known.

Now scientists have conducted a large-scale study to evaluate the impact of e-cigarettes on heart health. It was attended by people aged 18 to 45 years without cardiovascular disease or risk factors.

About 45% of participants used e-cigarettes, 20% smoked regular cigarettes, and 35% reported no tobacco use at all.

The authors assessed the function of the participants’ arteries and veins by observing the expansion of the brachial artery in response to increased blood flow before and 30 minutes after smoking.

Blood pressure and heart rate were measured 10 minutes after subjects used their preferred type of cigarette. VOC levels were assessed by urinalysis one hour after smoking.

The results showed that people using electronic cigarettes experienced vascular disorders similar to those observed in smokers of conventional cigarettes. All smokers had an average of 8% higher blood pressure than non-smokers.

They also showed an increased heart rate. Increased VOC levels in smokers’ analyzes have been associated with changes in measures of vascular health, including decreased arterial tone, essential for healthy circulation.

Thus, the use of electronic cigarettes has long-term and short-term effects on the cardiovascular system of healthy young people – even those who have never tried regular cigarettes and smoked only e-cigarettes.


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