US will show its strengths in fight against coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Today, many experts and politicians claim that the United States could not properly respond to the coronavirus pandemic, and America’s world domination is dead.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, although Washington’s initial reaction was erroneous, the country still had strengths, thanks to which it overcame more serious crises.

Today, two epidemics are raging in the United States: coronavirus and a feverish sense of national failure.

According to The Wall Street Journal, like swindlers who roamed Europe during the plague, experts and politicians solemnly proclaimed that America’s response to the epidemic had failed and that American society was ill and its world domination dead.

Of course, the author of the article continues, the initial reaction of the United States was erroneous, but it is too early to speculate that America failed a historical test.

America generally harnesses for a long time, and in the moments of crisis, the United States needs more time than many others to swing, turn on the emergency mode, coordinate the moving parts of society, rally local and federal authorities and ensure effective cooperation between the private and public sectors.

“The US is used to lagging around at the start, but as soon as it accelerates, the ingenuity, adaptability and dedication of the American people will make up for lost time,” the author writes.

In his opinion, concerns about the collapse of American leadership abroad are also exaggerated. The only way today to really help others is to put America at the forefront. If the United States is paralyzed by a devastating epidemic and the economy collapses, the country will not be able to help anyone, so America above all is not a chauvinistic slogan.

“A defeated America will not help the world. But having risen themselves, the United States will be able to help others – and this is in our own interests. The United States may still fail the trials that history presents, and if that happens, they will have plenty of reasons for self-flagellation and grief. But today, the American response, with all its shortcomings, suggests that the strengths due to which the US has conquered more serious crises have not disappeared,” concludes the author of The Wall Street Journal.


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