US warns of ‘dangerous turn’ in Ukraine conflict

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(ORDO NEWS) — The attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack Russian military airfields signal a dangerous new turn in the conflict in Ukraine, retired US Navy Admiral James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Commander for Europe, said in an article for Bloomberg.

In his opinion, Western leaders will now try to force the Kyiv authorities to refrain from larger attacks in order to reduce the risk of further escalation.

“NATO will try to reassure the Ukrainians in order to avoid direct involvement of the alliance in hostilities,” he said.

On December 5, Ukraine tried to disable Russian long-range aircraft by hitting Soviet-designed jet drones at the military airfields “Dyagilevo” in the Ryazan region and “Engels” in the Saratov region. During the attack, three servicemen from the technical staff were killed, four more were injured. Two aircraft received minor damage to the hull skin.

As emphasized in the Ministry of Defense, this did not prevent the Russian army from delivering a massive blow to the Ukrainian military command and control system and related defense facilities. All 17 designated targets were hit, the strike disrupted the transfer of troops and foreign weapons to the combat areas by rail.


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