US warns about Russia’s creation of tiny satellites with weapons

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the United States, they talked about Russia‘s creation of tiny satellites with weapons. Such information was shared by the author of the publication National Interest.

The author claims that Russia is working on a new type of anti-satellite weapons. It consists of tiny satellites with weapons, a small boost engine and an MiG-31 interceptor. He allegedly acts as the first step of the whole system.

These small satellites will have to maneuver in the direction of their targets in low Earth orbit and disable them. The author of the material even provides evidence for his guesses.

Firstly, the photo from September 2018 is mentioned, which hit the MiG-31BM fighter with a large missile under the fuselage. This missile was reportedly sized for the role of anti-satellite weapons.

According to open sources, the author found that the design bureau is engaged in mechanical engineering.

In addition, it is known that Russia has been conducting orbital tests of inspection satellites capable of maneuvering next to devices for damage testing since 2013. The National Interest writes that such satellites can be used as weapons.


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