US Special Forces will receive innovative rifle systems created as part of the NGSW program

(ORDO NEWS) — According to, the complexes created under the NGSW program will soon deliver the 75th Special Purpose Parachute Reconnaissance Regiment, as well as other parts of the US Special Operations Forces.

The experience gained will allow the American Ground Forces to choose the most suitable from the projects presented in the framework of the project of automatic rifles and light machine guns. The beginning of equipping with new complexes of army units is planned for 2023.

Recall that the NGSW program began in 2018. New weapons are designed to replace the M4 carbine and the M249 light machine gun. Due to the use of powerful cartridges, the new complex should penetrate the latest bulletproof vests as efficiently as possible. Another important improvement should be the innovative sighting system of the new generation NGSW-FC.

Earlier, we recall, it became known that the main weapon of the US Army may be the RM277 rifle, built according to the bullpup scheme.


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