US simulated the effects of a thermonuclear strike on Moscow

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The publication We Are The Mighty showed what would happen to Moscow if a thermonuclear bomb were dropped on it. For their experiment, experts took a 100-megaton bomb in TNT equivalent.

The study was conducted in a simulator called NukeMap, with which journalists were able to simulate a thermonuclear explosion. The results of the experiment showed that in the event of such an attack, the entire north-east of Russia, as well as the Yaroslavl region, will suffer.

The authors of the article recalled that the 10,000-megaton bomb, once developed by physicist Edward Teller, could completely wipe out Germany, the UK, France, North or South Korea.

However, journalists continue, the American side has closed the development of this bomb, as it has focused on weapons of lower power. The article says that the US bomb would be 200 times more powerful than the Russian Tsar Bomb.


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