US shale oil production leads to environmental disaster

(ORDO NEWS) — Shale oil production in the southern United States has led to an environmental disaster. Elimination of the consequences of the incident will require hundreds of billions of dollars.

A difficult situation has developed in the Permian Basin – this is an oil-bearing region in Texas and New Mexico. The area is considered the center of the US oil industry, according to The Guardian.

Extraction of shale oil is quite expensive compared to classic grades due to the technological complexity of the process. Therefore, such a business is profitable only in case of high prices on world markets. If they fall, many companies simply abandon unprofitable wells in oil-bearing areas.

According to the law, oil workers must conserve unused wells and derricks so as not to harm the environment. The point is that oil can seep into the soil. In reality, this rule is neglected by many.

So, a few years ago, the Briggs family of farmers bought a land plot in Texas. And the underground part of the same site was bought by 7S Oil and Gas. A few years later, the company went bankrupt, leaving several dozen abandoned wells on the site.

They were poorly preserved, and as a result, oil seeped into the soil. Elimination of the consequences of this accident alone may require up to $ 117 billion.

Earlier it was reported that the legendary tourist areas of Arkhyz and Dombay were on the verge of an ecological disaster. Fetid sewage discharged into mountain rivers ruins nature.


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