US scientists talked about a new vaccine from COVID-19

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Moderna, an American company, has tested a new vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19 in mice and released the results. It is reported that the drug does not increase the risk of severe illness. In addition, only one dose can provide protection against infection. It should be clarified that the test results in humans may be different.

Previous vaccines presented in the USA could have caused a more severe illness in vaccinated people. This was especially true for those whose immunity is weakened. The risk of getting a more severe degree of the disease is considered the main factor that must be addressed in order to safely test the vaccine in humans.

The experiments involved six-week-old mice that were given different doses of the vaccine, including those that are considered insufficient to form an immune response. It turned out that the drug causes a powerful response to neutralize the virus antibodies. They block the virus, preventing it from infecting the cells. The vaccine also protects the lungs, with no toxic effects.

Moderna said it will begin the final human testing phase in July. 30 thousand people will participate in it.


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