US scientists recognize 5G technology as toxic to humans

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(ORDO NEWS) — 5G technology requires antennas to be placed much closer to each other than existing 4G and 3G technologies, so the public will be exposed to radiation at levels that humanity has not previously encountered. This was announced by the New Hampshire Commission on the Environmental and Health Implications of 5G Technology Development.

The structure required to support 5G will place the cellular antenna ports close to your home and workplace, making it nearly impossible to avoid and raising the risk of excessive oxidative stress that can lead to anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s. It is important to take part in helping to prevent the adoption of 5G by contacting local legislators and signing local petitions, – quoted by the publication “Medicine and Science” as one of the authors of the study, Joseph Mercola.

All members of the commission agreed that 5G poses a threat to human life and health. In addition, the technology can harm animals and even insects. It is noted that the research group included scientists-epidemiologists, toxicologists, physicists, engineers and specializing in the wireless industry and electromagnetism.

A study by the international consulting company Deloitte showed that the link between the deployment of fifth generation (5G) communication networks and the increase in the number of COVID-19 infections is far-fetched. Analysts noted that misinformation about 5G’s involvement in the COVID-19 disease in 2020 often misled people, which was confirmed by various polls.


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