US scientists do not rule out continuation of the coronavirus pandemic until 2022

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Coronavirus infection COVID-19 will spread uncontrollably in the world until two-thirds of the world’s population receive immunity from a new type of virus. The process can take about two years, scientists at the University of Minnesota calculated.

An expert group from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy in the United States has prepared a report saying that the coronavirus pandemic cannot be effectively controlled until most of the world’s population (about 75% of humanity) develops immunity to a new type of infection . This was reported on May 1 by Bloomberg.

Due to the ability to be transmitted by airborne droplets through human-to-human contact, the spread of the coronavirus is difficult to stop, despite the quarantine measures taken by the heads of state, the researchers stated. They recalled that COVID-19, unlike the flu, which caused most pandemics in the recent history of mankind, often does not cause visible symptoms, and people infect others without suspecting it.

The gradual removal of quarantine and the exceptions that country authorities make for the operation of manufacturing enterprises will lead to new waves of outbreaks of coronavirus, which means that the acute phase of a pandemic can last until 2022 and even longer, experts predict.

“Risk messages prepared by national governments should include the concept that the pandemic will not end soon and that people should be prepared for possible periodic outbreaks of the disease over the next two years,” the report said.

Currently, several groups of scientists in different countries are actively working on a vaccine against coronavirus. In particular, the American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences on April 29 reported that its drug remdesivir, which is considered by doctors as the first possible medicine for COVID-19, has shown effectiveness in treating patients with COVID-19.

A small amount of vaccine may be available as early as 2020, researchers from the University of Minnesota say, and this is good news: during outbreaks of atypical forms of viral diseases in 2009-2010, vaccines prevented up to 1.5 million infections and about 500 deaths in only USA, specified in the report.


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