US residents buy food and essentials half of Americans prepare for months of chaos

(ORDO NEWS) — The coming months are a time of uncertainty and despair, when it is very difficult to somehow influence the current situation. More than half of Americans have made the decision to purchase food and essentials to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

The approach of a new wave of coronavirus is obvious, and new falls in the economy are also obvious. People are convinced that the consequences will be worse the second time, so it makes sense to prepare for the test.

According to a study by Sports and Leisure Research Group, more than half of Americans are stockpiling food. For them, such a situation, when the inhabitants of the world are locked in their homes, is new, so what and how will be a mystery.

People have not forgotten the shortage of goods that arose earlier this year. During the next tough quarantine, Americans are unlikely to storm stores as they did in the past, but the demand for food and basic necessities will definitely increase. Some influxes of anxious residents are already taking place, and shops have begun to increase purchases.

The turnover of grocery stores increased especially. On October 6, each resident began to leave at the checkout an average of $ 72 at a time, which is 11% more than in previous figures. Most stores anticipated increased demand, so shortages are avoided.

The situation in America is also true in other countries. All over the world, people think in advance how they will live in the event of severe restrictions. As a result, food prices also went up.

Everything that is happening now is just the beginning. The trend towards large purchases will gain momentum and prices will rise.


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