US protests turn into violence against whites

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Seattle resident who allegedly used an offense of a racist nature tried to defend herself by shouting and claiming that “I have a black husband.” The man who accused the woman of racist insulting him advertises T-shirts with the words Karen, some of which appeared quotes from that woman immediately after the publication of his video.

Carlos Dillard posted a video of the incident on his Instagram page. He said that he was driving his car when this woman cut him. After that, she allegedly showed him an indecent gesture and called him a “niger,” and then for some time allegedly pursued him in her car.

There is no evidence that the woman uttered a racist insult. There is at least one more video on Dillard’s Twitter page in which he accuses another woman of misconduct. An advertisement for T-shirts appeared on his Instagram page, the inscriptions on which are quotes of a frightened screaming woman.

The video that Dillard posted on Instagram shows how he follows her to her house and says, addressing her: “Karen, you will not sit there and show me indecent gestures.”

She gets out of the car and says: “I have a black husband.” “You call me what I am not.” “You are attacking me.”

When Dillard transfers the camera to the license plate of her car and the building of her house, she squats and bends to close the number of the car. She starts to cry and scream.
There is no video of how a woman insults Dillard. After some time, she apologizes to him for cutting him, but continues to claim that she did not show him an indecent gesture. Passers-by confirm that the woman really cut Dillard.

Addressing passers-by, Dillard repeated many times that the woman called him “niger,” but then in a conversation with the woman he accused her only of cutting her and showing him an indecent gesture.

According to a passerby who saw the incident, a crying woman said: “Do you know how many Black Lives Matter marches (“ Black lives are important ”) have I been to?” To which a passerby answered her: “It doesn’t matter if you behave this way when you are left alone.”

When Dillard takes the phone’s camera while continuing to record audio, the accused woman apologizes to him and says: “I wholeheartedly support this movement.” “My heart is now torn apart, because you can’t even imagine how much I love people.”

After that, Dillard tells her: “You will not get on Instagram. I’m not going to ruin your life. ”

This video has collected more than 120 thousand views on Dillard’s Instagram page, and on Twitter his shortened version has been watched more than 2 million times.

In another video posted on Dillard’s Twitter page, he accuses an Asian woman of racism after asking her to show her his phone to make sure he was a Postmates courier driver.

Like this time, Dillard starts blaming the woman for saying “yes, what difference does it make” and says that she is a racist – just because she wanted to see his phone. He also tells the restaurant staff that they will be featured in a news release.

Meanwhile, he informs people gathered at the restaurant that she said “yes, what difference” and used a racist insult – he did not speak to the restaurant staff about the racist insult.

About an hour after the publication of the new viral video on his Instagram page, Dillard posted an advertisement for three T-shirts, the inscriptions of which were quotes from a woman who allegedly cut him.


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