US predicted near doubling of coronavirus deaths

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — By June 1, the number of patients who died from coronary in the United States may double. This is the forecast allegedly made by the White House, writes The New York Times.

Now 1750 people die from a new infection a day, in a month this number will reach 3 thousand, according to journalists who read the document.

Every day in the United States, up to 25 thousand cases of COVID-19 are recorded, the pace can grow by almost an order of magnitude by June – up to 200 thousand, the article says.

However, the US administration said that doubling of deaths was not predicted. A document prepared by the CDC Health Department did not go through “interagency coordination,” officials said.

The United States ranks first in the world in incidence. Meanwhile, in the European foci of COVID-19, in particular France and Italy, during the pandemic, 25 thousand and 29 thousand deaths were counted.


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