US predicted civil war and collapse

(ORDO NEWS) — In the United States in 2040, a civil war may begin, which will lead to the collapse of the state. The corresponding statement was made by National Interest columnist Mark Katz.

According to him, by this point the US population will become predominantly non-white. However, whites, left in the minority, are unlikely to want to voluntarily give power to the new majority and try to maintain a dominant position in society.

Katz believes that after that unrest will begin in the country, which will develop into a civil war. In turn, its logical outcome will be the collapse of the state.

The expert is confident that after this, America’s place in the international arena will be occupied by other countries.

In doing so, the States would lose a significant amount of territory and would likely lose their ability to act as a superpower. Moreover, the weakened remnants of the United States can be subordinated to other states.

Earlier, Sarah White, an analyst at the Lexington Institute in the United States, told how the West could supposedly “neutralize” the Kaliningrad factor in the event of an armed conflict with Russia.

According to her, the semi-exclave, bordering Poland and Lithuania, could give the North Atlantic Alliance “a lot of headaches.” The observer recalled that the region is well armed: it has high-precision Iskander-M systems, fighters with cruise missiles, and also serves as the base for the impressive Russian Navy.


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