US police find alive girl missing in 2019

(ORDO NEWS) — The US police managed to find not only a live, but also a completely healthy six-year-old girl who disappeared in the summer of 2019. She was found in a secret room in the house.

When Paisley Schultis went missing, she was only 4 years old. The police assumed that her biological parents, who had previously been deprived of parental rights, were involved in her disappearance.

Some time ago, law enforcement officials received information that Paisley was in a secret room in a house located in the small town of Saugerties.

They immediately received a warrant to search the residence, although they had already searched it several times before, but found nothing.

When the inspection was carried out, Kirk Shultis Sr., who at that time was 57 years old, was inside the housing. He is Paisley’s biological grandfather. He told the police that he did not know where his granddaughter was.

It is worth noting that the house had a separate bedroom where the girl could sleep. Paisley was written on the wall, and children’s clothes were found in the room. Relatives at the same time claimed that the room was left in case the baby could still be found.

About an hour after the search began, the police officer noticed that the stairs that led to the basement were extremely country. Several boards were immediately removed. Below them was the entrance to the secret room, where Paisley was with her biological mother.

The girl was immediately examined by doctors. She was perfectly healthy, but so far experts cannot say anything about exactly how Paisley was affected by long-term isolation. Neighbors note that they have never seen a child on the street.

The baby was immediately returned to her legal guardians and her older sister. Paisley’s grandfather, mother and father were detained and charged with kidnapping the child. Soon only the mother was left under arrest.


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