US plans to impose sanctions on China over Hong Kong

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US senators have prepared a bipartisan bill on sanctions against functionaries of the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese organizations involved in the preparation and implementation of the new laws in Hong Kong, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Hong Kong’s National Security Bill is on the agenda for the upcoming session of the National People’s Congress ( NPC ), NPC spokesman Zhang Yesui said on Thursday.

The annual NPC session, which was postponed for two months due to the coronavirus epidemic, will open on May 22 in Beijing.

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen and his Republican counterpart, Pat Tumi, said they were already working on a bill of sanctions, but reports of a new Chinese bill made them more proactive.

According to them, they will convince Senate leaders to consider this issue without delay.

“We will punish those involved in China‘s illegal punitive measures in Hong Kong,” said Van Hollen.

According to the 1992 law, the United States maintains a separate and more favorable trade regime with Hong Kong from China, but only if Washington believes that this special administrative region supports a high degree of autonomy from Beijing.

The United States states that any decisions of the PRC that affect Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms guaranteed by the Sino-British Joint Declaration and Basic Law will “inevitably affect” Washington’s assessment of the “One Country, Two Systems” agreement and the status of this territory. Beijing rejects US criticism.


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