US plans to create a munition-mutant

(ORDO NEWS) — The US Air Force is studying a new technology that could improve the chances of air-to-air missiles hitting their target.

The Air Force Research Laboratory announced the project, officially known as Missile Utility Transformation via Articulated Nose Technology (MUTANT), at the 2023 Aerospace Forces Association Symposium.

US plans to create a munition mutant 2

A promising missile will receive a warhead deviating from the central axis, which will allow it to hit maneuvering targets, improve maneuverability and increase the range of the ammunition.

The new design will make it possible to abandon wings, rudders and thrust vectoring engines and increase the efficiency of target acquisition by the homing device located in the head of the missile.

The Air Force has already conducted a number of ground tests of ammunition components, and they plan to complete a new stage of testing by the end of 2024.


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