US Navy sailors capture a UFO falling into the Pacific Ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, a video with a spherical object falling into the ocean was leaked to the network. UFO flew over the California coast. There were also US Navy ships in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. One of the military managed to film the moment when a flying object fell into the water.

Reported by Pentagon.

Susan Gough, a Pentagon spokeswoman, officially confirmed that the video was not fake, but filmed by American sailors. The video shows how something unidentified in the form of a circle first hovered over the ocean, and then sharply headed into the water. At the same time, there were no signs of a UFO accident or the fact that it was falling uncontrollably into the ocean.

UAPTF is currently investigating the video. The task force on unidentified air phenomena has not yet provided any comment. In addition to the filmed video, the sailors tracked the object and established its range.

Jeremy Corbell, the director who posted the video, claims it was filmed back in 2019 near San Diego. He also says that UFO wreckage was repeatedly tried to search. However, searches have yielded no results.

Susan Gough doesn’t provide any answers, and neither does the Pentagon. It is also unknown whether the ocean floor will be surveyed in the place where the UFO dived.


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