US Navy pilot spoke about meeting with UFO

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(ORDO NEWS) — Former US Navy pilot David Fravor shared with the world a very creepy story, which is associated with not entirely friendly UFO behavior. Thus, an object in the form of TicTac showed aggression during a meeting with a military aircraft, reports WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

The unidentified object performed strange maneuvers, which humanity is not yet capable of repeating. In addition, outwardly, the alien spacecraft did not look like any other.

The story itself began with the fact that Trevor was sent to study the region where some anomalies were recorded by the radar. The man watched unidentified objects, which sharply changed the height and from time to time disappeared. There was other military personnel on the spot. They were able to record some events on video.

Everything was fundamentally different from what journalists usually write. There were no more standard lights in the sky and strange objects that suddenly evaporated. In broad daylight, spaceships of humanoids flew, they did not even hide from human eyes.

When the pilot on the plane approached one of the UFOs, it quickly picked up speed and disappeared in an instant. Fravor was very nervous. He announced this to his partners. The man does not like to tell anyone about unknown green men, but at the same time, he is sure that those ships were definitely not developed by people. There was a contrast between human technology and alien technology.

It is important to note that after landing, the pilots found the blocked radar in every possible way. Radar is a smart device. After the signal returns, even if it is blocked, the system informs about a border violation, but not this time. The radar is blocked only in one case – in the event of a declaration of war. Are humanoids not friendly intentions at all?


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