US Navy may face a shortage of nuclear submarines in the 2030s

(ORDO NEWS) — US Navy officials are concerned that the navy may not have enough nuclear-powered submarines to meet operational needs in the 2030s.

The Navy is now considering two options to address this problem: first, measures to extend the service life of some aging Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines, and second, speed up the delivery of new Columbia-class submarines.

Rear Admiral Scott Pappano said the submarine fleet needed to have 10 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines ready to go to sea at a moment’s notice.

These ships make long trips, their tasks include nuclear deterrence and, if necessary, delivering nuclear missile strikes.

However, as the Ohio-class fleet becomes obsolete and new Columbias hardly appear, there may be a situation when the Navy has 10 or fewer submarines at its disposal – most likely, this will happen as early as the next decade.


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