US Navy Chaplain Demands Jewish Apology for Murder of Jesus Christ

(ORDO NEWS) — An unusual announcement has appeared on the website of the US Office of Administrative Services. The ad included a New Testament Passover sermon dedicated to the Jews. The sermon is rather unusual, because it requires Jews to apologize for the murder of the son of God.

The Jerusalem Post reports.

The first to complain about such a sermon was the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. This community advocates for troops and veterans who have suffered discrimination in the military. Following their announcement, the US Department of Defense canceled the incriminating sermon of the Navy chaplain.

The foundation was supported by Jewish veterans. They conducted their own investigation about Lieutenant Aristotle Rivera (chaplain’s name). They are confident that such calls can inflame fanaticism.

The governing body did not ask why they posted the sermon on the website. Indeed, in the 21st century, such statements, even in the Holy Scriptures, are viewed as compromising.

The chaplain claims that there was nothing wrong with his speech, he simply quoted a passage from the holy book. Now complaints have been filed against Aristotle Rivera on behalf of 32 military personnel. The department posted a statement on the website that the article was anti-Semitic.


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