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US military predicted US civil war

US military predicted US civil war

(ORDO NEWS) — Retired American generals Paul Eaton, Antonio Taguba and Steven Anderson predicted a possible US civil war following the presidential elections in 2024. Their words are quoted by The Washington Post.

“One of the advantages of our army is the diversity of personnel. These are people with different beliefs and backgrounds, the military said. “But without constant maintenance of order, a military crisis within the armed forces, reflecting discord in society, is quite real.”

Experts noted that there are already signs of potential unrest in the army, and political differences could lead to the division of troops into two opposing camps. “In such a scenario, it would not sound strange to say that a military crisis could lead to civil war,” they added.

The interlocutors of the publication called for a full audit of the army for adherence to the constitution and the civil electoral process. The generals also advised to conduct exercises simulating possible riots.

Earlier in November, Jason Hill, a philosophy professor at De Paul University in Chicago, Illinois, said the United States was in a state of cultural war that could escalate into a civil war. In recent years, a part of society, represented by neo-Marxists and supporters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, have unleashed an active struggle against “white supremacy” and with the so-called white privileges.


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