US military ordered to tell everything they know about UFOs

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(ORDO NEWS) — In 2021, the US military will have to piece together all their knowledge of unidentified flying objects and provide it in the form of a public report. Oddly enough, such a prescription is part of a budget plan to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

At the very end of 2020, US President Donald Trump signed a voluminous document that, with the light hand of journalists, was nicknamed the “COVID-19 relief legislation”. It outlines a 2021 economic recovery and support package designed to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, almost 5,600 pages contained not only instructions to pay benefits to the victims, but also to buy more vaccines. In fact, this act is an additional budget plan for 2021 and very interesting instructions were included in it for various departments.

In particular, the section devoted to intelligence contains a voluminous action program for the military and special services separate from the Ministry of Defense. There is no mention of UFOs directly in the document itself, however, writes that the most interesting is hidden in the explanations given by the US Senate. This separate publication, among other things, specifies in detail what information the military should provide to politicians and Americans.

In short, a special working group at the Headquarters of Naval Intelligence should prepare a report within 180 days containing all known information about unidentified aerial phenomena. In recent years, this term has been used to describe everything that is in the air and has not been clearly identified. In other words – UFOs of any nature. Of course, this is not so much about aliens as about flying vehicles, which may be unknown pieces of equipment of a potential enemy. Or rare atmospheric phenomena.

In short, the Pentagon will have to combine UFO data from all of its intelligence units. Moreover, not only the services subordinate to the Ministry of Defense should report, but also the Central Intelligence Agency and all other agencies involved in collecting data. The report will be public, but it may contain classified sections, so there will still be room for the imagination of ufologists. Pentagon officials have yet to comment on the news.

It is not the first time that the American military and politicians have raised the issue of UFOs at the official level. The most notable year in this regard was 2019. That fall, the United States Navy confirmed the authenticity of UFO footage captured by the onboard equipment of Boeing F / A-18E / F Super Hornet carrier-based fighters. These videos appeared on the Internet several years ago and for a long time gave rise to a variety of theories. An official explanation of the phenomena never appeared, but it became known for sure that this was not a montage.


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