US military creates a program that predicts China’s political reaction

(ORDO NEWS) — The Indo-Pacific Command of the US Armed Forces pioneered the creation of software that allows predicting the reaction of the Chinese authorities to American actions in the region: sales of military goods, military activity, and even visits of congressmen to “hot spots” like Taiwan.

The new tool was introduced to US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks during her visit to the regional command at the headquarters in Hawaii. According to a Pentagon spokesman, the program calculates potential “strategic friction” by evaluating data collected since the beginning of 2020 and takes note of important events affecting US-China relations. The computer system will help the military to predict whether certain actions will cause the PRC to overreact.

In October, the Chinese military reacted extremely negatively to the sending of US and Canadian warships to the Taiwan Strait, claiming that they threatened peace and stability in the region. The incident and other events of a similar nature only fueled interest in the new forecasting technology – the United States wants to be sure that certain inadvertent actions will not cause a Chinese aggressive reaction.

Relations between the United States and China are not doing well anyway. In addition, the PRC unequivocally considers Taiwan, a longtime US ally in the region, to be its own territory and has repeatedly violated the airspace of the rebellious island, provoking a negative reaction from official Taipei.

The new software will allow the American authorities to assess in advance the effect of certain planned actions, according to the military – four months in advance.

Hicks is visiting numerous US bases this week as President Joe Biden’s administration prepares a draft budget for 2023. According to Reuters, the Defense Ministry hopes to receive more funds to “contain” the PRC and Russia.


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