US magazine “dropped” a thermonuclear bomb on Moscow

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The American edition of We Are The Mighty simulated a thermonuclear strike in Moscow.

Simulation on the NukeMap simulator proved that dropping a 100-megaton bomb to the Russian capital would lead to nuclear fallout in the territory up to the northern part of Komi, that is, at a distance of about 1.5 thousand kilometers. From a bomb with a capacity of ten thousand megatons, the effect could be a hundred times stronger.

“Theoretically, such a weapon is possible,” writes the author of the article. “But I would hope that no one will be able to assemble a team of people who are smart enough, as well as stupidity, to create this weapon.”

The American scientist Edward Teller worked on the development of such a bomb.

However, the United States refused to create weapons of such power, since its use would lead to the destruction of millions of people. If a bomb with a capacity of ten thousand megatons were dropped on Moscow, it would poison vast territories in Western Europe and, probably, the United States. It would also be enough to destroy Great Britain, France, Germany, or North and South Korea.


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