US is developing a plan to return the economy to normal

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US authorities are developing a plan to return the economy to normal. About this writes Bloomberg with reference to its sources.

It is assumed that restrictions will begin to be lifted primarily in small towns, which the coronavirus has not affected so much.

Megacities such as New York, Detroit, New Orleans, which US President Donald Trump called hot spots, will remain in quarantine.

However, the White House expects that the peak of the epidemic has already been passed and that the situation will improve in the future. Trump’s economic advisers, in any case, are already talking about the Americans returning to work. Michael Pence, in particular, said that the leadership of the country is thinking about what recommendations to give to businesses and entire states.

The desire of the authorities to remove restrictions as quickly as possible is understandable, it is rather forced. Business downtime equates to disaster.

Hundreds of thousands of people are already without work. And the longer the so-called lockdown lasts, the stronger the recession will be, getting out of which will be extremely difficult.

Earlier, the Financial Times reported that Europe is also considering options for the early lifting of restrictions.

By the way, Italy may have already overcome the peak of the epidemic: the number of new infected has become minimal since March 13.


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