US intelligence agencies must submit a UFO report in 180 days

(ORDO NEWS) — In a maximum of 180 days, the US intelligence services will have to provide Congress with a full report on the previously recorded “unidentified air phenomena”.

This comment has become part of the Exploration Permit Law, which will be in force in 2021. The report should contain absolutely all the information that the main US special services managed to collect. Also, the report will need to describe how the data collection was carried out and what happened for this. It is imperative to indicate the official who is responsible for this interdepartmental process.

With the help of such a report, it will be possible to establish the presence of a variety of potential threats to national security that may come from UFOs. A prerequisite is that the report cannot be secret. Only the use of a secret application is allowed.

Congress has been interested in UFOs for a long time. In the spring of 2020, the Pentagon published several videos where you can see strange objects flying at incredible speed. Until today, it has not been possible to establish what exactly these objects were. Some experts believe that these could be drones. Others do not rule out the version about aliens.


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