US government releases classified UFO report with huge cuts

(ORDO NEWS) — Although in recent years the Pentagon has begun issuing documents acknowledging its interest in unidentified airborne phenomena (UAE) its rebranded term for the good old “UFO” most of these documents have been redacted due to their confidential nature. However, what has been revealed may be intriguing.

Here’s an example: Black Vault, a private database of declassified documents, has now received a secret version of an infamous UFO report that the Director of National Intelligence sent to Congress in June 2021.

Although a huge portion of the document has been redacted, including almost every potentially interesting bit, what we can see is certainly thought provoking.

For example, one lengthy abbreviation is for “common forms” of UFOs, and another is for a Navy pilot’s report describing an aerial encounter.

The document also contains numerous cases describing the most “common forms” of UFOs.

Although the description of the forms themselves has been redacted, even the existence of this section was not included in the report originally presented to the public last year.

Other sections of the report, such as “And several UAPs show advanced technology” and “UAPs probably don’t have a clear explanation”, are also featured in the new document. In the first case, for example, there is a section in which several Navy personnel witnessed a UAP.

One new account states that the pilot was “struggling to keep his plane in airspace”, apparently due to high winds, when he saw a UAP whose “position had not changed”.

The entire document is available for download at The Black Vault. As we said, it’s heavily edited, but it still has a lot of intriguing elements. Often what they leave out in a document can tell a lot about what they leave out.


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