US geologists told what causes a series of earthquakes in Yellowstone

(ORDO NEWS) — The regular series of tremors that are recorded in Yellowstone National Park are no longer surprising to anyone. On the official website of the US Geological Survey, information was published regarding what is the cause of these earthquakes.

Series of tremors are recorded by experts not only in Yellowstone, but also in some other places. Experts believe that there may be several reasons that provoke their appearance.

First of all, earthquakes occur due to the slow sliding of the fault walls. Part appears as a result of the movement of magma along the earth’s crust. Most of the tremors are provoked by the ingress of water into the faults present in the earth’s crust. In some situations, several factors may be present at the same time.

If earthquakes are caused by the movement of magma, then the main symptom is the formation of cracks at a shallow depth, which does not exceed the mark of several miles. It is worth noting that for the movement of magma in the earth’s crust, a sufficiently large crack is required than in the case of water. Due to this, magma can continue to spread and not solidify during movement.

When water enters a fault, its sides contact each other. This is not observed when magma is present in the crack. Because of this, earthquakes occur in the upper part of the crack that has arisen, which causes panic among some scientists. If the series of shocks is caused by the sliding of the fault walls, then all earthquakes will be recorded in the same areas. In this case, the level of seismicity may be stable and not increase, as in the case of the movement of magma.


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