US geologists have discovered an unknown layer of the earth’s mantle

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(ORDO NEWS) — US geologists have discovered a previously unknown layer of the earth’s mantle from partially molten rocks at a depth of about 150 km from the Earth‘s surface.

“This discovery is extremely important because it allows us to more accurately understand how the asthenosphere is arranged, what properties it has.

In particular, it will help us uncover the reason why the asthenosphere is more plastic than its surrounding rocks.

Understanding this is critically important for studying tectonic processes on Earth,” said Karen Fisher, professor at Brown University (USA).

The researchers also explain that this anomaly indicates the presence of a partially or completely molten layer of rocks located at the foot of the asthenosphere.

Earlier, a study by Chinese scientists Yi Yang and Xiaodong Song about the slowdown in the rotation of the Earth’s inner core caused controversy among the Western media about how this could affect the processes taking place on the planet.

Scientists have analyzed seismic waves since the early 1990s and concluded that the Earth’s inner core has “almost stopped spinning in the last decade” and may be “starting to spin the other way.”


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