US Geological Survey reports what happened in Yellowstone in 2020

(ORDO NEWS) — Yellowstone National Park is known throughout the world. American geologists who investigated it in 2020 published a report on the official website of the US Geological Survey.

It is reported by the USGS.

It turned out that over the past 2020, 1,722 earthquakes were recorded in the park. The magnitude of the aftershocks did not exceed 3.1. Half of the earthquakes occurred in series. 26 of the most tangible cases were investigated in detail.

According to statisticians and geologists, the norm for this area is such a number of earthquakes within the normal range (1500-2500 per year).

What is really interesting is the process of soil deformation, which began here in 2015. The caldera drops by 3 cm per year.

A very interesting report on the activity of geysers. No changes were noticed in the Norris area. But the largest geyser in the world, Steamboat, erupted 48 times during 2020 – this is a record number so far.

The Giantess geyser woke up for the first time in 6 years of sleep – which became nonsense. Echinus erupted 4 times.

Overall, Yellowstone’s thermal facilities have been very active over the past year.

The dynamics of the park is generally stable, which is very encouraging. Indeed, on its territory there are a large number of rare species of plants and animals. Geological research is very important, because significant changes can provoke the extinction of flora and fauna.


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