US forces published new data on the meetings of pilots with UFOs

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The US military presented the world official readings that reveal the details of meetings with UFOs. In total, there are data on eight incidents between 2013 and 2019.

Reports with notes of paranormal and mystical were published on May 15. In all cases, pilots report seeing a strange object on the horizon. The documents have both visual descriptions of UFOs and data from radars that demonstrate the presence of objects near aircraft.

Unidentified objects were chosen by the coasts of the states of Virginia and North Carolina: it was there that all eight UFOs were spotted. According to the data, the first white ship was spotted on June 27, 2013. Its shape resembled a rocket or drone. No missile tests were planned that day, so the presence of the object seemed very strange. The pilots were confused: the UFO flew straight towards them, there was a threat of a collision.

In 2013, there were two more meetings with spacecraft. Unfortunately, the pilots could not see if there was anyone inside the UFO.

Another interesting meeting took place on March 26, 2014. Then a UFO was spotted near the city of Virginia Beach. The ship had a silver color, and its dimensions were comparable to a suitcase. The radar showed that a UFO flew 300 meters from a military aircraft. Although the body was close enough, the pilots could not identify it.

In 2019, a new object was noticed, only already in the form of a cube. The cube was inside some sphere. Scientists said that any incident should have a reasonable explanation, but they are likely to present their theories soon. People, without explanation from scientists, began to be more skeptical of everything that was happening. For example, they were not attracted to UFO images previously published by the Pentagon.


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