US elections 2020: did Nostradamus predict Donald Trump’s victory this year?

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(ORDO NEWS) — The US elections this year may end quite unexpectedly, as Donald Trump‘s rival is gaining more and more votes in his support. Did Nostradamus actually predict Trump‘s victory in 2020.

Despite the fact that some time ago, Donald Trump’s life was at risk due to the coronavirus, his ambitions remain the same. This weekend, the president is going to resume public speaking again. During his illness, the president published polls on social media. 56% of those who voted said they live much better under the Trump government than Obama. But not all polls have such good results for the current president.

On October 7, a poll was published in which 57% of residents supported Trump’s rival Joe Biden. Today, Biden is only 2% ahead of Trump. Despite such indicators, many people are confident that the next victory of Donald Trump in the elections to be held on November 3 was predicted by Nostradamus 500 years ago. Many fans of Nostradamus are sure that his cryptic predictions say both what will happen in the US elections in 2020 and what the results will be.

On social networks, you can find statements by users that Trump will receive a second term, and this is allegedly confirmed by excerpts from the prophecies of Nostradamus. In turn, skeptics believe that the French writer could not look so far into the future, so it is too early to discuss Trump’s victory. Science writer Brian Dunning added that Nostradamus was truly a great man, but that doesn’t mean you should believe everything he wrote 500 years ago.

Less than a month is left before the elections in the United States, and so far there is not even any suggestion of who will win. The poll results change almost every day and therefore there is no confidence in Trump’s 100% victory.


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