US demands $ 10 million from China for every coronavirus victim

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The United States suffers the worst losses due to coronavirus . The country has crossed the line of 60 thousand deaths. This is more than America lost during the ten-year war in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the presidential campaign began to sparkle with new colors. Now head of state Donald Trump says that the Chinese are doing everything to make him lose. The US president does not hide the fact that China was his main enemy.

“It’s very profitable for Trump and his political allies to point a finger at China and blame him for everything. The dynamics of the development of relations between the two countries are alarming and dangerous,” the columnist said Forbes Ariel Cohen in the program “Evening with Vladimir Soloviev.”

According to the political scientist, many publications appeared in the American press that the Chinese did not carefully observe safety rules in their virological studies.

“The people are demanding compensation from China: $ 10 million for each victim is $ 600 billion. China, of course, rejects all charges in every way. Which continues to worsen bilateral relations between Beijing and Washington,” Cohen said.

At the same time, the American economy suffers from severe unemployment. The number of people who have lost their jobs has already exceeded 30 million.

Trump has closed for two months the entry into the country for people who have already received green cards. But it does not close the entrance to agricultural workers and doctors.
But the situation with tests for coronavirus, according to Cohen, has improved.

“A person with a doctor’s appointment can get the test almost the same day. And Los Angeles residents can take the test for free on demand. The number of asymptomatic patients and patients with mild symptoms is increasing. This increases the chances of getting the so-called herd or group immunity, which leads to drop in infectivity, “- said the political scientist.


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