US criticizes electric car maker Tesla for polluting Earth’s atmosphere

(ORDO NEWS) — Rating agency As You Sow presented a list of 55 global companies with an assessment of their activities in decarbonizing production and reducing greenhouse emissions in general.

One of the most “distinguished” was Tesla. As You Sow reportedly rated her performance as zero. That is, the company is not only doing nothing to combat the carbon footprint, but has not even set any goals so far to reduce the overall climate temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050.

One of the largest American companies Berkshire Hathaway inc, which includes a number of well-known enterprises, in particular, Duracell, has the same assessment.

The agency rated Microsoft highest of all, which received 17 points with an “A” index, which means that the company meets all the necessary requirements in the fight against greenhouse emissions and all its reporting is transparent.

Pepsico is second with 16 A, Ecolab is third with 16 A-, Alphabet (which owns Google) is fourth with 13 B, and Apple is fifth with 12 B-.


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