US carriers burn $ 10 billion per month

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The airline for America industry group estimated that US carriers “burn” up to $ 10 billion per month: for every two flights made, there are a total of about two dozen passengers.

According to the group, the airlines included in it have already left on the ground more than 3 thousand aircraft, or 50% of the active fleet. At the same time, domestic flights fly at best 17 passengers at a time, and 29 on international flights.

“The US aviation industry will come out of this crisis only by the shadow of what it was only three short months ago,” said group executive director Nicholas Kalio, who is due to report on the state of airlines in the US Senate Commerce Committee.

According to Airlines for America, the number of bookings for flights on an annualized basis fell by almost 100%. The group warns that if airlines reimburse funds for all tickets, including non-refundable and canceled at the initiative of the passengers themselves, and not the carriers, this will lead to a drop in liquidity to negative indicators and ultimately to massive bankruptcies.

Eric Fanning, who heads the Aerospace Industry Association, is also expected to speak in the Senate. According to informationReuters , he intends to focus on the inaccessibility of some lending programs to the Fed and the US Treasury for industry participants.

It is worth noting that US authorities have already allocated nearly $ 25 billion in aid to American airlines to save jobs and pay salaries. Nevertheless, many companies say that they are still forced to resort to massive reductions, as there is still not enough money. The funds go mainly to pay for the parking of liners remaining on the ground, their maintenance and other current payments. It is difficult to get rid of liners, especially in the current conditions, so carriers prefer to save money on people rather than on airplanes.


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