US billionaires hiding in New Zealand bunkers

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — As it turned out, many businessmen and influential people have a plan B in case of unforeseen events. It consists in the presence of bunkers in New Zealand. It was there that rich people gathered in the hope of escape from the coronavirus.

Businessmen left Silicon Valley and moved to New Zealand. The media found that shelters can survive not only various hostilities, but also a pandemic. Influential personalities left the United States before the country closed its borders.

They knew how it would end. Interestingly, some private flights were allowed even after quarantine. It is safe to say that such flights were transported by the rich.

So, Mihai Dinulescu, who conducts business in San Francisco, arrived with his family in Auckland (New Zealand) four days before the border was closed. Dinulescu noted that he had already met 10 of his colleagues in the new land. Business partners and acquaintances literally fled to their previously built bunkers.

The media have long found out that the rich are actively investing in complexes in case of the end of the world. Perhaps there will be no Doomsday, but it’s much calmer to realize that in case of any troubles there is a place where you can be safe. Moreover, it is worth considering that there is money for construction.

Spending a small part of the income on your defense is a perfectly reasonable action. The wealthy see the end of the world as something far away with terrifying consequences.

The president of Y Combinator, the head of Open AI, and the director of Reddit are actively investing in their safety. The elite chooses New Zealand for a reason. She is mentioned in the book “Sovereign Citizen: How to Survive and Prosper during the Collapse of the Welfare State”.

The author claims that the intelligentsia will be able to rebuild the world after the fall of all existing regimes. Shelters in New Zealand will survive all the crises.

The epidemic also made the rich massively do laser vision correction. Good vision at times increases the chances of survival.


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